Stars Over the Sahara: A Magical Night in the Desert

Sand Dunes Sahara Sahara Camel Ride View

My good friend, Jess, and I had been in Morocco for only a few days before we headed to the desert. As much fun as we were having in the Moroccan cities, we had our eyes set on Merzouga, a small town situated at the base of the Erg Chebbi dunes. Spending the night in the Sahara was at the top of our list of things to do in Morocco, and we weren’t going to let a small thing like an eight hour bus ride deter us. We had seen the pictures online, and our minds were made up.  (more…)

Stray Cats in Morocco

Stray cats and kittens are everywhere in Morocco. The locals seem to care for the strays by throwing out scrap meat into the streets. On a few occasions, I saw old men sitting on a bench feeding the cats like you might see them feeding pigeons in the United States. The cats were definitely cute, but they could also be a bit aggressive and annoying as well. Many of the times I ate at an outdoor cafe, cats would walk up and beg for food. One time a cat even climbed up into my friend’s lap at the table. Love them or hate them, definitely expect to see them everywhere in Morocco.