Hasta la Vista, Spain

Plaza de Espana

Spain was a blur — a good blur, but definitely a blur. The food, the history, the culture, the people, the landscape, the cities…all of these are things that I fell in love with. My time was primarily spent in the Andalucia region, so my perspective of the country is fairly narrow; however, I’ve only heard great things about the rest of Spain, and I look forward to returning some day to explore some of the other wonderful places. Here are my favorite memories from my time in Spain:

  • Feeling an overwhelming sense of calm and relaxation, even from my first few minutes off the ferry
  • Watching the sunset on the beautiful (and windy) beach in Tarifa
  • Observing the elaborate Holy Week celebrations
  • Hiking the Caminito del Rey and being thankful that I hiked it after the safety features were added
  • Enjoying the nightlife in Malaga’s historical, old town
  • Eating incredible tapas and Iberian ham pretty much everywhere I went
  • Having a beer in Granada while overlooking the Alhambra and the Sierra Nevada mountains
  • Touring the Royal Palace of Madrid with my sister
  • Walking the mosque turned cathedral in Cordoba
  • Seville — the entire city. I loved it.

When I return to Spain (definitely not “If I return”), some of the places I would like to explore are:

  • Barcelona
  • Toledo
  • Valencia
  • Pamplona, home of the running of the bulls
  • Northern coastal cities, like San Sebastian (in the east) and Santiago de Compostela (in the west)
  • Maybe even complete one of the world-famous walks, like the Camino de Santiago (800 km, 500 mi)

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