Adelaide Area Tour

Adelaide is the capital of South Australia, and it is a unique city that has multiple universities, interesting old architecture and a very laid-back feel. The region around Adelaide also has a lot to offer. Some of the key highlights are listed below. I didn’t get a chance to visit Kangaroo Island or to kayak the Murray River, but those would be things I would try on my next trip.

Adelaide Central Business District

Adelaide’s central business district is not as large as Sydney’s or Melbourne’s, and it does not have as much of a city feel, but there is good vibe and it is loaded with a ton of green space. In the center of the city is the cricket grounds. There was a match going on while I was there, and the place was packed. I was also in Adelaide for Australia Day. The celebratory fireworks were a great way to finish my time up in the city.

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Barossa Valley

The Barossa Valley is one of Australia’s world-famous wine regions, with Jacob’s Creek being the most famous winery from this region. Penfolds, located in Adelaide, is another well-known winery. There is an established biking path along the main road in the Barossa Valley, so I rented a bike for the day and went from winery to winery, enjoying the sweeping views between tastings. The best part was that the further you rode and the more wineries you visited, the more fun it got!

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Cleland Wildlife Park

Cleland Wildlife Park is located just east of Adelaide. It is full of unique Australian wildlife, and if you are a hands-on person, this is the place for you. There are free-roaming kangaroos and wallabies that you can feed. Some of the other animals include Tasmanian devils, venomous snakes, wombats, and dingoes. But the star of the Cleland Wildlife Park are the koalas. You can either ‘cuddle’ the koala or, for a small fee, you can hold the koalas. Since holding the koalas is illegal in most of the other Australian states, this is one of only a few places it is still allowed.

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