My One Disappointment in Tokyo

As much as I loved Tokyo, I had one giant disappointment while visiting the city.  There is a bridge that connects Tokyo with an island, Odaiba.  This bridge is called Rainbow Bridge, and the main parts of the bridge are illuminated in bright multi-colored lights at night.  At least that is what I was led to believe from online searches.  One night I walked across the bridge in hopes of getting some great shots of the colors against the Tokyo skyline.  I made it to the other side tired and freezing cold from the high winds blowing across the bridge.  The view of the skyline was great.  The bridge was illuminated brightly.  There was just one small issue.

Rainbow Bridge

A not-so-Rainbow Bridge in Tokyo.

Where’s the color?  I waited for a while hoping that the bridge would cycle through to a color, but it never did.  Afterwards, I found out that the colored lights are only used in December and the first part of January.  I was there January 8th, so I assume that the colored lights must have stopped a few days earlier.  So much for my planning!  I’m pretty sure this is what the bridge looks like when its illuminated in colors.

Rainbow Bridge in Paint

Artistic representation of Rainbow Bridge.

 Or you can see for yourself with a quick Google search.


  1. Good thing it wasn’t the real rainbow road bridge. You probably would have driven over the edge and have to be retrieved with fishing line.


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